Why Choose Us

Our Priority Is You

We’ve been working in the canine industry for years. We’ve seen a lot of good people get taken advantage of in the protection dog world. We’re here to help. We don’t mass-produce protection dogs, we serve a very exclusive clientele, and we do it with excellence. You will receive the best dogs, the best customer service, and the best long-term support when you choose Complete Canine Training for your protection dog needs. We are your trusted protection dog partner.

Top Quality Dogs

Each one of our dogs is evaluated, tested, and hand-selected for our individual client’s needs. Then the dogs go through an in-depth training process that will push them to their limits as they become protection dogs. We start with the best dogs because we end with the best dogs.

Home, Family & Life Integration

Part of having a family protection dog is that the dog is integrated and understands a home environment, the family dynamic, and typical life activities. Unlike other companies our dogs are not in a kennel all day and night, they go home with us and learn how to be good dogs in a home and how to interact with family and friends properly. We also ensure the dogs are used to being in public places that you might typically go to, the park, kids’ soccer games, the mall, a fair, or a carnival, our dogs have been in these places with all of the craziness that comes along with it and understands how to behave in these environments.

Lifetime Support From Our Head Trainer

We offer no B.S. Lifetime Support. From the moment of deposit, you are part of the Complete Canine Family and we will support you with anything we can, be it dog related or not. Call us up and you will get answers to your questions, no matter what they are.

Experience Training Elite K9s

Our training staff consists of K9 experts. We’re not your average dog trainers, we are experts and have been called upon by multiple military SOCOM units, elite S.W.A.T. teams, and champion-level sport dog competitors for our advice or training expertise.

Medical Screening & Health Guarantee

All of our dogs go through extensive medical screening, including X-rays and diagnostic testing for genetic diseases. We take the health of our dogs very seriously and guarantee our protection dogs will stay healthy. We back it up with an industry-leading 2-year genetic health guarantee.

Continual Performance Warranty

We offer an industry-first, continual performance warranty. That’s how confident we are in our training and dogs. We guarantee the performance of our protection dogs until the dog can no longer physically do the job. Typically that’s around 8-10 years of age. You will not find any other company offering this level of warranty on their protection dogs. We’ve already looked for anything even close. It doesn’t exist.

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