The Complete Canine

What exactly is “The Complete Canine”? It’s our baseline for our personal protection dogs. We will not sell anyone a dog that does not meet our minimum standards for temperament, sociability, obedience training, and most importantly protection skills. Even if you beg us to. We hold ourselves, our dogs, and our training to the highest level of standards.

Our Protection Dog Standards

Temperament – Your dog will have a good demeanor, allow petting and general manipulation of ears, paws, and tail. Your dog will be confident and unafraid of new obstacles they may encounter in regular day-to-day life.

Sociability – Your dog will be social but not “too social”, he won’t be wanting to say “hi” to everyone and every bunny rabbit. There will be no issues or worries about having your personal protection dog around kids, friends, family, or the general public.

Obedience – We expect that the dogs are obedient and under control unless given free time to just be dogs. They aren’t robots, but they will respond promptly to commands with extreme accuracy.

Protection Skills – Your dog will exhibit a high drive for engaging with an attacker, will engage an attacker with extreme prejudice, and stay engaged with the attacker in a “real-world” fight.

The Minimum Training Your Complete Canine Will Get

Before you take possession of your Complete Canine protection dog they will be trained and proficient with these bare minimum commands, behaviors, and skills.

Basic Obedience

Walking On Leash

Intermediate Obedience

Sit Stay
Down Stay
Come on Command
Basic Agility Training
eCollar Training

House Manners

Table Manners
Door Manners
Loading In & Out of Car
Quiet Command

Protection Skills & Scenario Training

Defense of Handler
Alert on Command
Bite on Command
Release on Command

Proper Biting & Targeting
Home Invasion Scenarios
Carjacking Scenarios
Mugging Scenarios

The Complete Canine Additional Options

Our Complete Canine protection dog might not fit exactly what you need or want. We offer a completely tailored protection dog solution for your needs. Here are some additional training and services we can provide you. This list is not by any means exhaustive, just call us or fill out our contact form and we’ll talk about your security needs and come up with a tailored solution for you.

Advanced Obedience

Off-Leash Obedience
Down in Motion
Sit in Motion
Neutrality to Distractions
Return to Heel

Advanced Protection Skills

Multiple Attackers
Muzzle Work
Room Clearing / Building Searches
Bark & Hold

Premium Delivery

Domestic Customers Only
Hand-Delivery to Your Door
5-Day In-Home Protection Dog Integration Course

Basic Gear Package – Price Varies on Size of Dog

Harness, Leash, Collar, Tug

Ultimate Gear Package – Price Varies on Size of Dog

Harness, Leash, Collar, Tug, Crate, Grooming Supplies, Muzzle, First Aid Kit

Ready For A Protection Dog?