The Process

01 - Security Consultation

The first step in getting a personal protection dog is setting up a free security and protection dog consultation. In this discovery call CCT will learn about your security needs, overall lifestyle while answering any questions you have about owning a personal protection dog and provide you with a quote. We develop a profile for the dog you will need, that will best fit within your lifestyle while also meeting your security and protection needs. 

02 - Deposit & Procurement

Next, we will collect a 50% deposit for the dog and training of the dog and begin the dog procurement process if we do not have the right dog for your needs on hand. All dogs we procure must pass health, temperament, and workability tests. If we are procuring a dog you can rest assured that the dog meets our standards and will be the right dog for your needs. Timeline from day of deposit is 0-3 months. 

03 - Dog Begins Training

Once the dog is secured we begin training. We train each dog according to your individual needs. Based on our security consultation we developed a profile of things your dog will need to be able to do outside of the standard protection dog work. We begin to train the dog to fit your lifestyle so that the integration process is seamless when the training is complete and the dog is delivered to you. Timeline is 1-6 months for training.

04 - Dog Delivery & Handler Course

Once the training has been completed and the dog meets or exceeds the training standards we established for your dog they will be ready to integrate into your home. We provide an in-home 3 to 5 day handler course so you have immediate support when integrating the dog into your home. It doesn’t end there we offer lifetime training and support for you and your dog ensuring long term success. 

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Our Protection Dog Waitlist Is

6-8 Months

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Protection dogs provide peace of mind, security & exceptional companionship

We train dogs to protect you, your family, and even your business in the event of a very unfortunate circumstance. Our protection dogs will give you peace of mind, if you are home or if you are out. Our personal guard dogs are trained with family and work in mind. We hand-select every dog we bring into this program to ensure the dog is confident, stable, strong, and healthy in every way imaginable. Our dogs have all been through the most rigorous selection testing including temperament, environmental stability, workability, and the health of the dog. This ensures that you have a well-rounded, stable, and most importantly, dependable protection dog.

All of our protection dogs receive the highest level of basic obedience training with options available for advanced obedience. You will always have control over your dog in any situation.

We spend countless hours training protection dogs to engage in a multitude of real-world scenarios that you could encounter. This ensures that you and your personal protection dog are given everything you need to succeed in every situation.

We will provide you with a highly trained personal protection dog for you in 3 to 6 months or less. Once you have made a decision on a protection dog and the non-refundable deposit has been paid we take some time to hand-select and train the dog to any specific needs that you may have. This ensures that you get a dog that meets all of your needs.

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