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Companionship, Security & Peace Of Mind

Our personal protection dogs provide numerous benefits and serve as a valuable asset for individuals, families, or businesses seeking enhanced security and peace of mind. Our highly trained & well-disciplined canines are your best choice for personal and family protection.

The Complete Canine

All protection dogs are not created equal. Our dogs are family safe, great with kids and will protect your family when needed.

Why Choose Us?

Our elite customer service, dog training skills, discretion, and understanding of your security needs make us the best protection dog training company in the USA. We have extensive experience training police and military K9s as well as protection dogs. We train to a standard that others cannot reach. You will not regret your decision to choose us as your protection dog training company, we guarantee it. 

Available Protection Dogs

Still Have Questions?

We’re happy to answer any and all questions you have regarding our protection dog sales & training. 

Belgian Malinois,  German Shepherd  & Dutch Shepherd Protection Dogs

Personal, family & business security that never leaves your side.

Guard Dog Training

All of our protection dogs go through a rigorous selection and thorough training process that will meet your security needs. We have extremely high standards of training, temperament, and sociability. When you’re relying on our protection dogs they will not let you down.

Ready To Get Started? We Are.

Complete Canine will evaluate and discuss your current and potential security needs before we hand-select and train your Complete Protection Canine. Give us a call today to discuss your needs.