Protection Dog Training

Bring Us A Dog For Protection Dog Training

We are damn good at training dogs, pets, personal protection dogs, police K9s, and military K9s. We can also train a dog you bring to us for protection as long as it passes our evaluation and meets our standards. Here’s how we start, please read the entire page.

Step 1: Protection Dog Evaluation

Bring your dog in and we will test and evaluate the dog’s temperament, environmental stability,  prey, and defense drives among other things. Once the evaluation is complete we will go over our findings with you.

The evaluation costs $250.00 and will last about an hour long. Payment is due at the time of scheduling and is non-refundable. Most evaluations are held at our facility in Brighton, Colorado. However, we do travel for evaluations as well, travel and lodging costs will be added to our evaluation fee.

Step 2: Develop a Training Plan

After the evaluation is complete and your dog is accepted into our program. We will develop a training plan depending on your dog’s, age, drive, obedience, etc.

Typically the first step in 95% of our training plans is a 3-week Protection Foundations Board and Train program. Your dog will spend 3 weeks with us learning obedience, drive-building, we also begin foundational bite work training.

The cost for this initial board and train program is $6250.00

Step 3: Review the Training Plan

We will go over the training plan with you, outlining the different aspects and steps in the training process, going over the estimated cost of finishing the dog’s training, and making sure you’re ready for the commitment to the program.

Step 4: Start the Training Plan

If your dog is up to standard and you decide this is the path you want to take with your dog it’s time to get to work. We will initiate our initial training plan and get your dog working towards becoming a protection dog.

Important things you need to know about protection dog training:

  • Not every dog is right for protection dog training
    Just because you have a Malinois, German Shepherd, Cane Corso, *insert breed here*, does not mean it will do protection work. There are a variety of factors that play into your dog’s ability to do the work and meet our standards.
  • Protection training will require a lot of time and effort from you outside of training classes
    Our training plans will involve you, in some way, and each phase of training may involve you more or less. Be prepared to work with your dog outside of training classes.
  • We will wash your dog out of our program if it does not meet our standards
    Just like people, dogs can change over time. They might have passed the evaluation, but as time has shown us, some dogs simply won’t do the work for real or they have other disqualifying issues.
  • We WILL NOT force a dog into protection training
    Period, Point Blank. We refuse to force dogs to do work they are not going to do properly.
  • Protection training starts with obedience
    Be prepared to work on obedience a lot. Yes, bite work is super cool and fun. But if you don’t have control, you have a fur missile that thinks it’s fun to bite people. Not good for you, not good for your dog, not good for us, not good for little Johnny who just got smoked by your dog.
  • Protection Dog Training is not cheap, quick, or easy
    Plan to spend at least $20,000 over 1-2 years for protection dog training with a dog you are bringing to us. Depending on the training plan, your dedication, and your timeline that cost can go up or down.

Ready For A Protection Dog?