Training Class Guidelines

These basic guidelines are in place to ensure everyone’s safety during training. We ask that you follow these guidelines at all times during training, and please ask us if you have any questions.

    • Maintaining a safe training environment is everyone’s obligation!
    • If at any time you see something unsafe say something, we will take care of the situation immediately.
    • Don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation.
  2. Listen to the trainers & helpers
    • The trainers are in charge. Please follow all directions given by the trainers.
  3. Be Timely 
    • Be on time to class and make sure to check in!
    • Get your dog out and ready quickly so we can be efficient in working everyone’s dog.
  4. Keep Dog on Leash
    • Please keep you dog on a leash at all times, unless doing off leash work.
  5. Secure Your Dog
    • Only have your dog in the training area when you are training. Feel free to break your dog as needed outside of the training area.
    • If the dog is not out they should be secured in a crate.
  6. Dogs On Field
    • Do not bring your dog out to the field unless directed by a trainer.
    • Keep dogs away from each other at all times, some dogs are reactive.
    • Only 1 dog on field at a time. Unless otherwise directed.
  7. Keep Your Dog Quiet
    • If your dog is not on the training field please keep them quiet while others are working. It is hard enough to hear with one dog barking!
  8. Be Courteous and Show Respect
    • Keep side conversations to a minimum.
    • Do not distract others or their dogs while they are training.
  9. Video & Pictures
    • We encourage you to share videos and pictures of your dogs working and of the others.
    • Do not crowd the dog or decoy to get videos or pictures, it can take away from their focus.
  10. Your Responsibility
    • Your dog is your responsibility.
    • We will not be held liable for any actions your dog takes on or off the training field, in or outside of training.
  11. Bring Your Equipment
    • We have a limited amount of equipment and it extends training when we pass around equipment during training, please come prepared.
    • There is always something to learn from every dog, every training session. Pay attention, listen to whats going on so you can learn from others. It will help you become a better handler.
    • Training should be fun, you and your dog should learn something each session and you should grow in your knowledge and training or handling skills!

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