Teach Your Dog the “Place” Command: A Balanced Training Approach

Training your dog in basic obedience commands is essential for their well-being and your peace of mind. One valuable command to teach your dog is the “place” command, which helps them learn to go to a designated spot and stay there until released. In this blog post, we’ll explain how to train your dog the “place” command using a balanced training method. We’ll break down the steps in a simple manner that a high school-aged kid can understand. Additionally, we’ll introduce Complete Canine Training, a resource that can provide assistance for those struggling with training their dogs in basic obedience commands.

Here is a quick video on why we teach dogs a place command.

Step 1: Choose the “Place”

Select a specific location in your home or yard where you want your dog to go and stay on command. This should be a raised dog bed(INSERT KURANDA LINK), or any other raised but clearly defined area. Make sure it’s a comfortable and inviting space for your dog.

Step 2: Introduce the “Place”

With treats in hand, guide your dog towards the designated spot. When they reach the spot, use a verbal cue like “Place” or “Go to your spot” and reward them with a treat and praise. Repeat this step several times, reinforcing the connection between the verbal cue and the desired behavior.

Step 3: Add Duration

Once your dog understands the concept of going to their designated spot, gradually increase the time they need to stay there. Start with a few seconds and gradually work up to several minutes. During this time, provide intermittent rewards to reinforce the behavior and keep your dog motivated.

Step 4: Add Distance

Now it’s time to introduce distance. Step away from your dog’s “place” and give them the verbal cue to go to their spot. If they hesitate or don’t go, use a gentle leash or guide them with a treat to help them understand what you’re asking. Reward them once they reach the spot. As your dog becomes more comfortable, gradually increase the distance between you and the “place” while maintaining their focus on staying there.

Step 5: Add Distractions

To ensure that your dog can hold the “place” command even in distracting situations, gradually introduce distractions. Start with mild distractions such as tossing a toy nearby or dropping a low-value treat on the floor. With time, increase the level of distractions to more challenging scenarios. If your dog breaks their “place,” calmly guide them back and reinforce the command.

If you’re finding it challenging to train your dog in the “place” command or any other basic obedience commands, Complete Canine Training is here to help. Our comprehensive training programs are designed to assist dog owners in achieving successful results. With experienced trainers and a balanced training approach, which combines positive reinforcement techniques with clear communication and leadership skills, we can provide the guidance and support you need.

Teaching your dog the “place” command using a balanced training method is a valuable skill that promotes obedience and self-control. Remember to be patient, consistent, and reinforce desired behavior with rewards. By gradually adding duration, distance, and distractions, your dog will become proficient in staying on their designated spot. If you encounter difficulties during training, don’t hesitate to reach out to Complete Canine Training or a professional dog trainer. Together, you and your furry friend can achieve great success in obedience training, fostering a happy and well-behaved companion.

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