Chris Pelle – CEO / Lead Instructor

Chris fell in love with training dogs with his first dog, Kira, and it went from there. Now the CEO of Colorado’s top dog training facility with 20+ employees, 1000+ clients, and 1500+ dogs trained. The process of teaching and training a dog and watching them develop into the dog you want is one of his life’s simple joys. His passion has shifted a bit from the start and now outside of running the Company his focus is on mentoring new trainers, teaching Police K9 courses, and problem-solving difficult dog issues.

Cody B. – Training Director / K9 Trainer

Cody is a Marine veteran who spent multiple deployments overseas as a Tactical Trailing K9 Handler. Cody attended the Tom Rose school for Dog Trainers and is an expert trainer. Cody specializes in tracking training, obedience, aggression rehabilitation, behavior modification, K9 sport work, and police K9 training.

Lauren N. – Pet Training Manager

Lauren joined the team in 2021 with the ambition to learn all there is about dog training. She is a very talented trainer who excels in obedience, eCollar work, and teaching clients how to better work with their dogs!

Chloe D. – Dog Trainer

Chloe joined the team in 2022 as an apprentice and is now a full-time trainer. She loves watching dogs transform through training and helping clients better understand their dogs. Chloe excels in obedience and is quickly learning behavior modification!

Brooklyn P. – Dog Trainer

Brookleyn joined the team in 2022. She loves dogs and has worked in the dog training industry for many years. Brooklyn specializes in obedience training, tricks and agility. She is our resident agility expert and competes with her own 2 dogs.

Lisa R. – K9 Trainer

Lisa is a retired AZ police officer and has worked as a K9 Handler on the street for 10+ years. Lisa brings a ton of experience to the team on Police tactics, training and mindset.

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Taylor D. – K9 Trainer

Taylor joined the team in mid-2022. Taylor has been in the working dog world for 10+ years and attended the Tom Rose School for Dog Trainers. Taylor brings a ton of experience to the team on both the pet dog training side and the working K9 side of things.

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The Management Team

Brenda B. – Office Manager

Brenda is our lifesaver! She handles all of the scheduling and client relations for us. She is extremely knowledgeable about dog training and helps our clients figure out what the best program for their dogs is. On top of that, she is also running our social media campaigns!

Scott F. – Kennel Master

Scott has been with us for just a few months and has quickly earned the Kennel Master position! Scot handles all of the kennel care and management of the kennel technician team ensuring all of the dogs are taken care of with love and care.

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Chelsea H. – HR Manager

Chelsea is our wonderful HR manager. She handles all of our HR needs and keeps the team sane. While also taking care of and training her 3 pups, Sammy (Pitbull), Chimera (Malinois) and Fiona (French Bulldog). Chelsea is also a fitness competitor and personal trainer!

Jess C. – VP of Operations

Jess is in charge of ensuring Complete Canine is running optimally and that all operational aspects of the business are running at full force. She joined us in 2022 and since she’s been on board Chris’ life has gotten much less stressful!

Brian M. – Business Development Manager

Brian joined us in 2022. He has years of experience in Business Development, Analytics, Economics, and Operations. Brian is the numbers wiz on the team and focuses on developing Complete Canine into the best dog training company in the country!

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