Ervin is a 2-year-old German Shepherd trained for personal protection. He is a sweet boy who is great with kids and other animals in the home. Ervin is a European import from phenomenal bloodlines. A true specimen and picture-perfect example of a German Shepherd. He has completed his basic training and has begun advanced obedience […]


Björn is a young German Shepherd with high drive and great potential as a personal or family protection dog. He is best suited for an active family that will enjoy taking him out and about on daily activities. Björn is an imported dog from Eastern Europe and was raised in a family with children. He […]


Dak is a young German Shepherd with a level head and great temperament. He is a new addition to our protection dog program and is showing great potential. Dak is an imported dog from Europe and was raised in a family with children. Dak has great obedience and enjoys hanging out just as much as […]

The Benefits Of A Personal Protection Dog

A personal protection dog can provide numerous benefits and serve as a valuable asset for individuals seeking enhanced security and peace of mind. These highly trained and well-disciplined canines offer several advantages that make them a compelling choice for personal protection. Firstly, a personal protection dog serves as a formidable deterrent to potential threats. Their […]


Stone is a fantastic male Belgian Malinois well suited for an active family. He has been training since he was a young puppy and was raised in a home environment with kids and other animals. Stone is social with other dogs and has a great temperament. He can hang out with you at home and […]

Protection Dog Training – Getting A Dog For Your Business

Most business owners when tossing around the idea of a protection dog immediately think LAWSUIT or LIABILITY. The truth is that a properly trained protection dog and handler team is not a liability, and with proper documentation you will not lose a lawsuit if it ever comes to that. We hope that it never does. […]

K9 H.P.C. Training Now Available

Complete Canine Training  is proud to offer training for a new dog certification and trial, the Handler Protection Course. This is a new title offered only in Colorado and the first trial will be in May 2017. The handler protection course is for trained protection dogs, this is not a sport title but a working title. […]

Protection Dog Training – Defensive Drive

This is our second post in our series about protection dog training. Now I want to reiterate that protection training is not the same as police dog training and I wouldn’t call it attack dog training either. Protection training is training your dog to protect you and your family when and if the need ever […]

Training Protection Dogs – The importance of dog obedience

The first thing to be trained in any protection dog is obedience. There are many reasons for this but I want to start off with the biggest one: LIABILITY If you are training your dog to protect you and to bite other people you have a big liability on your hands if the dog does […]

Training A Dog For Protection – Temperaments & Prey Drive

This is the first post in a short series where I will go into some of the different aspects of protection training for dogs. Protection training is very serious and quite complicated in the overall picture. We are not training a dog to bite people, that would be easy and a huge liability. We are […]