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Last Updated 1/1/2024


The K9(s) in use will be healthy, have received all shots up to date, will have been well and nutritiously fed, and be free from internal and external parasites. K9 will be fully vetted upon sale with printed papers from a licensed veterinarian which will be maintained by Complete Canine Training. The well-being of the K9 will be the responsibility of the Client as soon as the K9 is delivered to or transferred to a transporter if not being transported by Complete Canine Training.

Should the Canine develop any hereditary medical problems within one (1) year of the commencement date of the Sale Agreement, the Canine will be replaced at no cost to the Client after a medical review from a chosen preferred veterinarian. 


Complete Canine Training warranties all of the training provided for 1 year and will provide remedial training for the K9 at no cost if K9 fails to meet certification standards. Complete Canine Training will replace the K9 expeditiously if the K9 is deemed untrainable.

A K9 handler issue is not the responsibility of Complete Canine Training. However, we will provide remedial training to K9 handlers, to ensure they are adequately equipped to handle the K9. If the issue is deemed to be a handler issue and not a K9 trainability issue.

The K9 Training Warranty is void if the agency, handler, or 3rd party trainer does not maintain and make accessible adequate training logs to Complete Canine Training or fails to maintain the training standards set forth within the Complete Canine Training handler’s school.


Complete Canine Training Green or Green+ dogs have a 90-day workability warranty. Complete Canine Training will replace the dog expeditiously should the dog fail to meet agency workability standards within the first 90 days.

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