We pride ourselves on staying up to date with the most effective and best practices in the canine industry. At this time we offer a variety of Police K9 Handler Courses, Decoy courses, and specialty courses upon request.

We are willing to travel to offer any of our courses to your department and sister agencies across the U.S. and abroad. Please contact us to set up a specialty course for your department or agency. If you are looking specifically for decoy courses please click here: K9 Decoy Courses

Upcoming K9 Courses

3 Day Police K9 Decoy Course | 5 Day Advanced Decoy CourseJan 19-21, 2022 & June 27-29, 2022 | November 7-11, 2022
Brighton, CO

Long gone are the days (or at least they should be) when we throw the rookie into the suit. Putting an inexperienced person in a bite suit is not helping any K9 team get better. In fact, that’s how dogs and people get hurt. It is time to start choosing the right personnel for the job and ensuring they get the proper training to do the job effectively.

Complete Canine Training’s Decoy School will improve your decoy skills, if you are a seasoned vet or beginner you will learn from our course. After this course decoys will be able to start puppy bite work, build green dogs up, develop proper biting, teach targeting, problem-solve, and much more. Let your decoy be an asset, not a liability, to your K9 teams. Optional Patrol K9 team certifications are available for an additional cost.

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5 Day Tracking Course – Jan 31- Feb 4, 2022
Brighton, CO

A week-long tracking course with instructor Cody Barday. Become a better tracking team and push your limits. The course will include both rural and urban tracks as well as some limited visibility and night tracking. This course is not designed for as an intro to tracking course, and all teams in attendance should have basic tracking knowledge and preferably real-world experience. The tracking course is limited to 8 teams.

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K9 Training & Problem Solving – May 16-20, 2022
Brighton, CO

5 days of immersive K9 training and problem-solving. The goal of this course is to push your dog to new levels in all areas. Detection, tracking, and patrol work are all a part of this course. The focus is to build your K9’s skills and to discover and address any problem areas. Some key things we will be working on are skills transitioning, scenario training, and advanced tracking and detection problems.

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Street Readiness Tactical Training (SRTT) Course – Sept 19-23, 2022
Brighton, CO

This course is designed to improve K9 teams in every possible way. Get yourself and your K9 partner ready for work on the streets with intense scenario-based training. In our SRTT courses, we will push you as a team to deal with critical thinking scenarios, high-risk deployment scenarios, and extremely dynamic scenarios. The goal of this course is to show you real-life scenarios that make you think and push your K9 beyond their comfort zone.

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2022 Handler Courses
Feb 28 – April 1 & Aug 1 – Sept 2, 2022
Brighton, CO

Handler courses are for new K9 handlers or for handlers who have purchased a K9 from Complete Canine Training. We offer a 4-week handler’s course for single-purpose K9s and our dual-purpose K9 course is 6 weeks. In this course, we cover case law, canine care, canine deployments, tracking, narcotics, and patrol scenario-based training. At the completion of the course you will leave as a certified K9 team when we bring in a 3rd party certifying official who will certify the K9 team. Please contact Chris to register for a Handler’s course:

Chris@completecaninetraining.com | 970-231-4627

K9-Field Training Officer Course

We are proud supporters of the online K9-FTO course. This course is designed for Law Enforcement Officers, K9 Supervisors, and Private K9 Professionals. This course is online only currently but will become a classroom course with live training and scenarios in 2018. The course is designed to make a newly K9 handler’s transition to the field as effective and efficient as possible. This course covers procedures, policies, case law, K9 maintenance, and much more.

Please choose your position below and use vendor code “Complete Canine” when registering.

K9 Handlers/Officers

K9 Supervisor

Private K9 Professionals


Please contact us with any questions you may have about our K9 training courses by calling us or filling out the contact form on the right hand side of this page.

Past K9 Courses

3-Day Decoy Course in Altoona, Iowa  – Oct 18-20, 2021
This short and sweet decoy school with over 15 teams in Iowa was a major success and Complete Canine is looking forward to heading back out that way for round 2 in 2022!

K9 Problem Solving Seminar in Hobbs, New Mexico  – November 16-17, 2020
Complete Canine Training & Proven K9 Training team up to bring you advanced Narcotic Detection, Explosive Detection, Tracking & Patrol Training. This course is for LEO & Military personnel only. This course IS NOT open to the public. The course will conclude in optional certifications for Dual & Single purpose K9s at an additional cost if desired.

Decoy & K9 Skills School in Brighton, Colorado – July 15-17, 2019
This course will include a Decoy School, Narcotic Detection, Explosive Detection, Tracking & Patrol Training. This course is for LEO & Military personnel and K9 trainers. This course IS NOT open to the public. The course will conclude in certifications for Dual & Single purpose K9s at an additional cost if desired.

Decoy & K9 Problem Solving Seminar in Jacksonville, Florida – August 11-12, 2018
Complete Canine Training in conjunction with Proven K9 Training and George Vidler will be teaching basic techniques to improve your K9 and your skills. This course is designed for  both dogs and decoys who want to learn and grow.

K9 Problem Solving & Decoy Workshop with Proven K9 Training Hosted by Armor K9  – May 12-13, 2018
This course is our basic 2-day decoy course in San Tan Valley, AZ! During the course you will learn about decoy & Dog Safety, Reading a Dog, Drive Satisfaction & Manipulation, How To Develop Better Bites, Decoy Movement & Presentation, How and When to Apply Pressure.

Decoy Workshop – September 1-3, 2017
Become a better decoy with expert instruction and guidance from 3 of the top decoys in the US. This 3-day workshop in Loveland, CO will enhance your decoy skills. Topics will include decoy safety, drive manipulation, decoy movements, bite building and more.