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We pride ourselves on staying up to date with the most effective and best practices in the canine industry. At this time we offer a variety of Police K9 Handler Courses, Decoy courses, and specialty courses upon request.

We are willing to travel to offer any of our courses to your department and sister agencies across the U.S. and abroad. Please contact us to set up a specialty course for your department or agency.

Upcoming K9 Handler Courses

June – July 2023 | Brighton, CO

Handler courses are for new K9 handlers or for handlers who have purchased a K9 from Complete Canine Training. We offer a 4-week handler’s course for single-purpose K9s and our dual-purpose K9 course is 6 weeks. In this course, we cover case law, canine care, canine deployments, tracking, narcotics, and patrol scenario-based training. At the completion of the course, you will leave as a certified K9 team when we bring in a 3rd party certifying official who will certify the K9 team. Please contact Chris to register for a Handler’s course: | (720) 204-1929

Available K9 Courses

K9 Training & Problem Solving Courses

3-5 days of immersive K9 training and problem-solving. The goal of this course is to push your K9 unit’s dogs to new levels in all areas. Detection, tracking, and patrol work are all a part of this course. The focus is to build your K9s’ skills and to discover and address any problem areas. Some key things we will be working on are skills transitioning, scenario training, and advanced tracking and detection problems.

Tracking Courses

We offer various length-tracking courses with our instructor Cody Barday. Become a better tracking team and push your limits. The course will include both rural and urban tracks as well as some limited visibility and night tracking. We can design a course for new teams at entry level such as an intro to tracking course, or more advanced courses to truly push the limits of your K9 team tracking abilities.

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Past K9 Handler & Training Courses

3-Day K9 Training Seminar | Carlsbad, New Mexico | January, 2023

Single Purpose Detection Handlers Course D.O.C. | Brighton, Colorado | Nov – Dec, 2023

K9 Training & Handler Certification | Carlsbad, New Mexico | October, 2022

Single Purpose Detection Handlers Course | Brighton, CO | March – April, 2021

K9 Problem Solving Seminar | Hobbs, New Mexico | November, 2020

Dual-Purpose K9 Handlers Course | Brighton, Colorado | July – August, 2020

K9 Problem Solving & Certification | Lovington, NM | March 2020

3-Day K9 Seminar | Amarillo, TX | March 2020

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