Our Most Frequently Asked Questions
What Do I Need to Bring at Dropoff?

Your dog wearing a flat collar, any medications, and enough food for your dog’s stay with us!

Do we require vaccines? If so, which ones?

We and the State of Colorado require dogs to be vaccinated before starting training with us. The vaccinations we need are Bordetella, Rabies, and DHLPP.

How old does my dog have to be?

For Boarding and Training: At least 4 months old. We require all puppies to be fully vaccinated before coming in for boarding and training.

For One-on-One Training: 12 weeks old and the dog must have started (and be current) their vaccination schedule.

Otherwise, any dog above these ages is welcome for training (just have to be vaccinated)!

Can I see my dog? / Will I get updates on my dog?

You will not be allowed to come and visit your dog before training program is complete but we will be sending you updates!

Every Thursday our training team sends out Training Report Cards, which detail how your dog is doing, what they are excelling at, and what they are struggling with. In addition, the team also sends out photos throughout the weeks while your dog is in training!

Do we offer just boarding?

We do! The price is $55/day.

We offer additional services while your dog is boarding with us too!
$15 Training Walks | $45 Training Tune-ups | $20-$30 Go Home Bath

Visit our Boarding Page for more info!

Do we offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer a 6-month interest-free payment plan! You can quickly and easily apply here:
LendingUSA Credit Application

Are we able to accommodate the meds that your dog is on?

Yes, we will ensure your dog gets their needed medications while they are with us. We require that all medicines be packaged in their original packaging. Pills/Medicine given in Ziploc bags or in non-prescribed bottles will NOT be accepted.

What does the average day look like for my dog?

For dogs in our board & train program. The day starts off with breakfast and outside time for bathroom breaks around 7 am. From 8 am – 4pm, your dog will be training with our trainers and learning all the things, from about 4-8 pm is more outside time, dinner, and another potty break before bed.

Do we accept Care Credit?

Unfortunately, we do not accept Care Credit, but we do offer payment plans!
Apply for our 6-month interest-free payment plan here: LendingUSA Credit Application

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