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We have an amazing opportunity to be a part of FedEx Small Business Grant contest. The grand prize is a $50,000 grant that we plan on using t build our new dog boarding and training facility! If we were to win this grant we could expedite the process, so that we can hire more people in Adams county, help more families with their dogs, and really ramp up our police K9 program to help keep our communities safe.

We’ve been in the planning and design phase for a while now, dealing with the engineers, county permits, state permits, zone-amendments etc. Needless to say it’s been pretty expensive so far and we haven’t broken ground yet. Our current facility set up is minimal and we’re forced to train outside, no matter what the crazy Colorado weather decides to throw at us. With the addition of an indoor facility we can expand our services to include boarding, and we can host group classes more frequently with more availability for our clients (it’s tough to train dogs in the dark).

We humbly ask for your help, take a minute today to vote for us and share this page with your friends and family. Here are some pictures of the current facility and some of the proposed plans for the new building.

[uxi_button link=”https://smallbusinessgrant.fedex.com/home/detail/3194345b-3a97-4072-b03a-95028e0c93a2?fbclid=IwAR2XO8qNymlxpo0_ZCUQ-40qZr21aVWM6rtXDDL_bwoAe_bD9KqH0io2Q2E#/gallery/detail/3194345b-3a97-4072-b03a-95028e0c93a2″ new_window=”1″ link_type=”” class=”button-block button-block-mobile button-33″ padding_x=”” padding_y=”” text=”Vote For Us Today!” text_size=”20″ text_size_mobile=”” text_font=”header-font” sub_text=”” sub_text_size=”12″ sub_text_size_mobile=”” sub_text_font=”header-font” icon=”” icon_size=”12″ icon_size_mobile=”” icon_align=””]

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