The Mountain Side Episode #106

I got to join Bobby Marshall on his podcast “The Mountain Side” where we talk dogs, dog training, business, life, and more. It’s almost a 2-hour long episode but I can guarantee you’ll be entertained the whole time. Bobby is a great guy and a ton of fun to talk with. Here’s the Youtube recording to watch now!

About The Mountain Side Podcast

The Mountain Side Podcast is based in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. The show covers many subjects including all things mountain, mountain life & culture, outdoor sports, training at altitude, essential mountain gear and safety practice, entertainment, comedy, and friendship, helping to conserve what we love & helping educate outdoor earth etiquette.

The show covers many subjects including:

  • All things mountain
  • Mountain life and culture
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Training at altitude
  • Essential mountain gear & safety practice
  • Entertainment & Comedy
  • Friendship

Every episode Bobby Marshall is joined by a special guest. Podcast guests could be anyone from, everyday mountain people, to mountain athletes, safety officials, experts, conservationists and more!

Please check out the latest episodes here.

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