Kelevra K9 Is Now Complete Canine Training

If you haven’t already figured it out, we’ve changed a few things. We’ve got a new logo and a new name. We’ve opted to change our name for a few various reasons.

First, no-one could pronounce Kelevra, or remember how to spell it. The meaning will always hold true to our dog training business though. Kelev is dog in Hebrew, and ra is bad. So translated it means “bad dog”. Not in any particular meaning of “bad” though. It could mean bad dog, as in the dog is doing something wrong. But also mean bad dog, as in that’s a bad-ass dog. We chose that name initially because we take bad dogs and turn them into bad-ass dogs, and we produce some pretty bad-ass protection dogs!

Second, we are expanding our services to serve law enforcement agencies and police forces. We are offering a complete training package for law enforcement agencies and will provide completely trained canines for immediate integration into any K9 unit. Our goal is to give back to communities across the US by helping our police force maintain high quality K9s to fight crime more efficiently.

The last reason we had to change our name is simply because we want our brand to represent a more than protection dogs. We train all dogs, any breed, any age, for damn near anything. We love our protection dogs and our police K9 training program, and we also love to create harmony in our clients homes.

We are proud to now call ourselves Complete Canine Training. We are excited to serve you under our new name and logo. You can expect the same great training and excellence that you’ve come to know from Kelevra K9. Our standard is and always will be excellence, and that standard is non-negotiable!

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