Resources for Adopting A Dog During The Pandemic

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Many shelters have seen an increase in adoptions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the process will be a little different than what you’re used to. Even though some aspects of adoption are done remotely these days, giving a pet a home during COVID-19 is a great way to help an animal in need. Here’s what you need to do before and after adoption to help the process go smoothly. 

Let’s Get Your Home Set-Up 

Adopting a pet takes a lot more than just choosing a breed. Before starting the adoption process, you’ll want to get everything lined up for your new companion. 

  • The type of animal you choose to adopt will determine what you need to do. Dogs and cats can get into all kinds of things, meaning you’ll need to do some pet-proofing
  • Animals that stay in a cage, such as pocket pets, rabbits, or reptiles don’t take up much space or require you to make major changes to your home. However, you’ll still need to set up a nice habitat
  • It’s also important to choose some comfy bedding for your pet. There are so many beds to pick from, so you’ll have to think about your pet’s age and size to make the right choice. 
  • Life’s not complete without playtime! One of the best parts of pet ownership is playing together. Choosing toys is the fun part, but keep in mind they should also be safe

Bringing Your Dog Home 

Going to a new home is exciting, but also scary for your pet. It’ll take some time for your new companion to adjust before he feels like he’s part of the family. 

  • Let your pet explore his surroundings and meet the family. For dogs, you might consider using a leash at first to help establish boundaries and prevent over-excitedness. 
  • Keep in mind that rescue animals might feel extra nervous about change. They’ll likely need a little more time to get settled and feel comfortable. 
  • Take time to slowly introduce your pets if you already have other animals in the house. Meeting a new pet can be scary on both sides. 
  • After adoption, you’ll also want to arrange for veterinary care, a pet sitter, a dog walker, professional training, and other things your pet might need in the future. 

Cleanup Time

Life with pets is fun and rewarding, but it also requires a bit of work. Since animals can’t clean up after themselves, you’ll need to make a plan for taking care of routine cleaning and any surprise messes. 

  • A furry pet might be perfect for cuddling, but as you’ve probably noticed, there’s hair everywhere. Tackling pet hair requires regular vacuuming, sweeping, and lint-rolling, but it is possible to stay on top of it!
  • It might be gross, but cleaning up urine is just part of being a pet owner. This odor is difficult to remove, but an enzymatic based cleaner can help neutralize the smell. 
  • Dogs and cats have a thing for scratching doors. Learning how to repair scratches to doors, floors, and other surfaces can do wonders for your woodwork! 

If you’ve been meaning to adopt a pet, now might be a perfect time. Not only are you probably spending more time at home due to the pandemic, but you might also be feeling lonely with all this social distancing. Bringing a pet into your home is a great way to boost your mood while also helping an animal in need of a good home.

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