Loveland Dog Obedience Training

Dog training is a delicate art. It takes a lot more than most people think, and because of that there are many untrained and undertrained dogs that have problem behaviors that are truly frustrating for any dog owner.

At Kelevra K9 our dog training techniques are proven to get results. We focus on the dog’s core genetics to determine which type of training will be best for your dog. Each breed and dog will respond differently to different types of training. A Yorkie requires a much more gentle touch and different type of training than a high drive working line German Shepherd.

In all of our training methods there are 4 techniques that we utilize regardless of the dog or breed;

  • Positive Reinforcement – Adding a reward for a desired behavior
  • Negative Reinforcement – Removing the reward for an unwanted behavior
  • Negative Punishment – Removing the punishment for a desired behavior
  • Positive Punishment – Adding a punishment for an unwanted behavior

This is all a part of classical conditioning. The dog learns that for certain behaviors there is either a positive experience or a negative experience that follows. Punishment sounds harsh but in dog training it may simply be a tap on the butt, or a pull in the opposite direction on the leash. A reward just like punishment isn’t the same for every dog, in some cases it is a simple pat on the head or a small treat or could be a quick round of playing tug.

Dog training isn’t just getting your dog to obey commands it is also teaching the dog what is acceptable and what is not in day to day life. Training your dog is an ongoing process that honestly is never really over. Dog training is a lifelong thing and helps you and your dog grow and bond together. Training your dog once the core skill set is developed and learned starts to feel more like playing and hanging our more than dog training after some time.

Contact Zach or Chris for more information on our dog training programs in Loveland prices and class times. We can’t wait to start working with you and your dog!


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