5 Things to Look For When Hiring A Professional Dog Trainer

Hiring a dog trainer is no easy decision. You have many options in almost every town or city. For many dog owners, this decision can come down to the price of the dog training programs. This is more often than not the absolute worst way to choose a dog trainer. I’m going to give you five reasons why hiring a professional dog trainer is worth the investment.

#1 Tailored Training Plan

A professional dog trainer will tailor a dog training plan that is specifically for your dog and the issues they might be having. You will not get a cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all dog training program as you will find in PetSmart or Petco. Every dog is different, what works for one dog may not work for the next. It’s important to have a plan tailored for your dog so that you get great results from the training that will last.

#2 Focused on Training

Secondly, a professional dog training company is focused on training. We eat, sleep, and breathe dog training and dog behavior. Because of this, we are masters of our craft. Professional dog training companies are not focused on selling products but focused on improving your life with your dog, building your relationship, and making things easier.

#3 Training Guarantees

Professional dog trainers will guarantee their work. Dog trainers who know what they’re doing guarantee that the training results will last. A dog isn’t 100% trained in two or three weeks. It takes consistent effort from both the trainer and the owner. A trainer that guarantees their work, makes a promise to their clients and their dogs to always be there to help in any and every situation.

Your One (1) Year Training Guarantee is active after the completion of any 2+ week board and train program and take-home class. This guarantee covers the trained behaviors or behavior modifications that were trained/modified during the board & train program as noted in the program outline. Failure to complete the entire program or not participating in the take-home class voids this guarantee.

After completion of ANY dog training program through Complete Canine Training clients have access to our free group classes and receive lifetime dog training support for the life of their dog(s).

The client understands that it is their responsibility to follow up with continual training for their dog, by training at home and maintaining the training that Complete Canine Training has done. Failure to maintain training at home or follow Complete Canine Training instructions and guidance will result in a forfeiture of the training guarantee.

Complete Canine Training Guarantee

#4 Never Stops Learning & Doesn’t “Know it All”

When hiring a professional dog trainer you are hiring a student of dog training and behavior. Dog trainers are constantly learning, studying, working, and improving their skill sets. A dog trainer is truly never done learning. We are constantly striving to get better and better. Every day we learn something new from the dogs that we work with, we take that new information and apply it with other dogs. This allows us to continually get better with all aspects of dog training.

#5 A Good Trainer Isn’t Cheap

A cheap dog trainer will cost you more in the long run than a professional dog trainer will. Cheap dog training isn’t good, and good dog training isn’t cheap. Dog training is an investment in your dog and your quality of life. A professional dog trainer will produce life-long lasting results. You won’t have to replace carpets or couches. You will know how to communicate with your dog so they don’t drive you insane. These things can be very expensive (monetarily and emotionally). A cheap dog trainer that doesn’t offer lasting results or guarantee their work will cost you much more in the long run than paying for training to be done right the first time.

At Complete Canine Training we are professional dog trainers. We are not the cheapest option and we’re not the most expensive. We know our value as do our clients. Don’t believe it? Check out our reviews.

We will give you Complete Training Through Clear Communication. We will stand by you and support you and your dog for life. We will give you peace of mind and bring harmony back into your household. Any age, any breed, any size, we work with them all and we cannot wait to work with you! Contact us today for a truly professional dog training experience.

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