1. My Dog’s No Longer Pull My Kids Around

    My dogs pulled constantly while on leash, they wouldn't follow commands, and we didn't trust my dogs with my kids when we first started. After 1 meeting we saw a change and now the kids can walk the dogs and the dogs follow their commands. Highly recommend Complete Canine Training!…Read More

    Katie E.
  2. The best of times is when we go for long walks which we try to do every day

    The personal at home dog training did help me get more control and make some changes of my puppy’s hyper behavior. Using the control collar has been really helpful for taking him on walks.…Read More

  3. Thank you for everything!

    I couldn't have had a better training experience than the one I had with Chris. He is professional and personable. I have two pit bulls that are both under 2 years old. Their behavior was beginning to get out of hand to the point where I struggled to walk them. When first meeting with Chris, we discussed the problems and then decided what needed to be targeted first. After 10 sessions, I was not o…Read More

    Megan B.
  4. Very Knowledgeable & Patient

    Chris is very knowledgeable and patient in the training of our German Shepherd. He creates a great class atmosphere for all the dogs to learn in. He is a great resource when we are having difficulties in certain areas of our training. I would recommend him highly from our experience with him.…Read More

    Tim F.
  5. Great Puppy Class

    Puppy Class for my Heeler has been fantastic, it's cool to see all of the different breeds of pups and how each one acts differently. Jax however has done great and these classes really help me with my training and how to more than him, but he's tired afterwards and that's what I like!…Read More

    Antony D.
  6. Training Taken To Another Level!

    Chris has really shown me the potential in my dogs and have taken our training to another level all together. I've got 3 German Shepherds that are absolute fire now because of the work that the guys have put into them. I live in Cheyenne and drive down each week because there isn't anyone better to train my dogs than Complete Canine Training!…Read More

    Tommie D.
  7. German Shepherd Master

    I've known Chris for a while now, and just recently started training with him. Chris is one of the most caring trainers I've ever met and he doesn't force the dogs into anything they won't do. His training method is one of the best I've encountered in my years as a trainer and I am extremely happy with the work he's been doing with Timber so far.…Read More

  8. Awesome Dog Training

    I've only worked with Chris at Complete Canine a few times to learn how to train dogs better and begin my journey to decoy. His knowledge blows me away and the dogs are fantastic. Learning to decoy is tough work but they are patient and help me out a lot. Plus they have helped me with my yellow lab, Bullit, this dog was crazy, out of control, pulled on the leash and just an ass. He's not anymore…Read More

    Brandon S.
  9. One Of the Best

    Complete Canine Training  is one of the best for real protection dog training clubs in the area. Chris is a great trainer and decoy he really knows how to work the dogs. Working with the club has been of great benefit to myself and Storm my little hellfire!…Read More

    Shane D.