1. Ronan is always challenged and leaves a better dog

    He is great. Probably one of the toughest decoys I have met, this was put to the test. Ronan is always challenged and leaves a better dog everytime we work with him.…Read More

    Paul W.
  2. Highly recommend.

    Knowledgeable training, great decoy! Highly recommend. Great guy to work with, can't wait to work with you again!…Read More

    Jay B.
  3. Chris is very knowledgeable and knows his stuff

    I attended a decoy seminar and it was awesome! Chris is very knowledgeable and knows his stuff in the industry. Looking forward to crossing paths once again in the future!…Read More

    Jason S.
  4. Great Knowledge and Expertise

    Great knowledge and expertise when teaching you how to handle/work with your dog. As owners we seek to strengthen the bond with our dogs, Chris provides that along with a dedication to advance at your pace.…Read More

    Angel C.
  5. Impressed With The Training Classes

    I've had the pleasure to guest train and decoy for the group classs hosted by Complete Canine. I couldn't say anything less than that I'm truly impressed by the focus given to each student that comes to train with them. No two dogs are the same, and Chris acknowledges that and works each dog to the best of its abilities to ensure growth every single time they train.…Read More

    Clover S.
  6. Great Trainer With The Heart Of A Lion!

    Got the blessing to work with Chris over the weekend at a seminar he co-hosted. Chris is a great trainer and has the heart out a lion! If you are in his area, you need to be working with this guy!…Read More

    JJ S.
  7. I’ve Learned More Here Than Anywhere Else

    Chris with Complete Canine Training has done an amazing job training my dog Huk as well as showing me how to handle him. I wanted him to be able to do protection work, but wasn't sure if he would have the drive for it. Chris has continued to help myself and Huk become more consistent in training and drive. I'm very confident in his ability in protection work now. I've learned more in the last few …Read More

    Kenzie N.
  8. My Dog’s No Longer Pull My Kids Around

    My dogs pulled constantly while on leash, they wouldn't follow commands, and we didn't trust my dogs with my kids when we first started. After 1 meeting we saw a change and now the kids can walk the dogs and the dogs follow their commands. Highly recommend Complete Canine Training!…Read More

    Katie E.
  9. The best of times is when we go for long walks which we try to do every day

    The personal at home dog training did help me get more control and make some changes of my puppy’s hyper behavior. Using the control collar has been really helpful for taking him on walks.…Read More

  10. Thank you for everything!

    I couldn't have had a better training experience than the one I had with Chris. He is professional and personable. I have two pit bulls that are both under 2 years old. Their behavior was beginning to get out of hand to the point where I struggled to walk them. When first meeting with Chris, we discussed the problems and then decided what needed to be targeted first. After 10 sessions, I was not o…Read More

    Megan B.