Puppy Training For You and Your New Puppy

Complete Canine Training offers puppy training classes! They are great for your 8 week old to 6 month old puppy. If you know what you want your pup to do, we can start laying the foundation at the early age of 8 weeks.

If not, that’s ok! Basic obedience is key for whatever you and your puppy may pursue. Obedience is the main focus of training in this stage of your dog’s life. We also focus on socialization, exposure and growing your puppy’s confidence level. We also help ensure your pup knows who his pack leader is and to grow your bond together.

There are some very important things that we go over in puppy training that will help you and your puppy bond better, make training easier, and give you plenty of tips and tricks for dealing with a young dog in the home.

Lay the foundation for your puppy’s future with our puppy training.

Puppies are a hassle plain and simple. Training a puppy can be a difficult task, we make it simple. Our puppy training is designed you help you and your new pup to develop a strong lasting relationship and to lay a rock solid foundation that will stay with the dog for life. We focus on educating you on how to properly train and socialize your puppy, how to stop unwanted puppy behaviors, and help you understand what puppies will do just because they are puppies! Puppy training is done though in-home sessions and through our puppy board and train program.

What’s Covered In Puppy Training:

  • Basic obedience training
  • Stopping destructive puppy behaviors
  • Learn how training your puppy can benefit everyone in your home
  • Socialize, interact, and grow the bond with your new puppy
  • Learn the proper way to discourage and correct problem puppy behaviors
  • Environmental Exposure