Turn Your Dog Into an Obedient Companion

Dog obedience is paramount for a happy and safe dog and home. The number one most important training for ANY dog, no matter what their purpose, is obedience. An obedient dog is a happy and controllable dog! We will help you teach the basic commands and develop these into advanced commands and behaviors. This allows you to always maintain control of your dog and will build a lasting relationship between you.

The 3 most important commands you will learn are stay, leave it, and recall. But that is not all we teach, we can go onto teach our dogs advanced techniques as well on request. Such as, focused heel, touch, down and sit in motion, retrieve. The list goes on.

What you will gain from our obedience training:

Learn basic and/or advanced obedience commands and training techniques
Grow and bond with your dog
Turn an unruly dog into and obedient companion
Learn the proper way to discourage and correct problem dog behaviors
Keep your dog safe and in control

Obedience Training Packages

For all obedience packages we include the proper tools that we will use with your dog so you can continue training with them after we’re done! Our packages also include free group classes for the duration of your training.

5 Obedience Sessions

This package is best for the dog that already has basic manners and some obedience but needs some help with things like leash pulling, jumping, and not performing learned commands.

8 Obedience Sessions

This package is good for young dogs that may have some training already, but just don’t seem to get it. We focus on building your bond and teaching the dog what is expected of them.

10 Obedience Sessions

Our 10 obedience session package is for dogs that have little to no training. This is the ideal package for advanced obedience training, newly rescued family members, young dogs, and dogs that need extra guidance.