Complete Canine Training is proud to be one of very few to offer training for the K9 Handler Protection Course. We have played an instrumental role in developing the curriculum for this new national working dog title. Please contact us for more information on training and certifying your canine.

K9 H.P.C. Introduction

The K9 H.P.C. program and title was created for setting a reasonable and fair standard for the personal protection dog. The program has been designed for professional dog trainers and novice handlers. All scenarios are based on defending the handler of the dog. There are 2 levels of certification for the K9 Handler Protection Course, level 1 & 2. The most important aspect of this program is that all biting scenarios are done only in defense of the handler.

Temperament Test

All dogs must pass a temperament test before proceeding onto trialing for the K9 H.P.C. certification. During the temperament test the handlers will demonstrate basic control of the dog (sit, down and heel on lead on command). Any dogs that show misplaced aggression will be dismissed and not allowed to certify.


  • All dogs will be required to wear a sturdy collar that can be tightened, so the dog cannot slip out
  • Tab type leash, the tab should not hang below the center of the front legs
  • The judge will mark the field and walk the course with all competitors before the trail starts
  • If at any time a dog show misplaced aggression the team will fail and not be allowed to continue

K9 Handler Protection Level 1

In this level handler-dog teams will be faced with multiple threatening and non-threatening situations. The level of difficulty in level 1 is kept to a minimum to allow the novice handler a place to show and earn an H.P.C. Certificate on their dog. The judge will be looking at the overall picture of the dog and handler as a team. The team must be able to work through the exercises under control. Level 1 is pass or fail, if a team passes they will receive a K9HPC certificate showing the date, location and degree they earned.

There are five level 1 exercises that are judged on a pass/fail basis. These include:

  1. Heeling Off Leash
  2. Handler Help
  3. Guarding
  4. Passive Bite
  5. Call Off

For the complete exercise list along with standards for level 1 H.P.C. Please download the guide here: Level 1 Handler Protection Course

K9 Handler Protection Level 2

Guidelines coming shortly!