Complete Canine Training is proud to offer K9 decoy courses for any and all law enforcement or military agencies in the US. We have basic, advanced, and problem solving decoy courses. We are more than happy to set up a custom course specific to your needs as well.

The basic decoy course is an entry-level course for green handlers and decoys. In our basic decoy course we will cover safety, case law, decoy fundamentals, proper equipment usage, drive channeling, and bite building techniques.

By the end of the course new decoys will have the skill set to effectively and safely train and build up patrol canines. They will also be able to problem-solve issues that you’re K9 maybe having.

We also offer an advanced decoy course that focuses on growing a decoy’s skill set and advancing the training of both the K9s and handlers. In the advanced K9 decoy course we will teach advanced decoy techniques and movements, delve further into drive channeling, incorporate new training tools, training drills and we will teach decoys how to safely and effectively set up real-life scenario based training to push the limits of your K9 teams.

The problem solving course is more for the dogs than the decoys. this course is aimed specifically at solving patrol dog’s problems with biting and engaging. We have solved issues with non-engagement, shallow biting, equipment fixation, and much more. During this course we will solve K9 problems and teach handlers and decoys how to fix the current issues and any others we may expose while training.

Upcoming Decoy School

3-Day Decoy School – January 26-28 2021
Brighton, CO

Long gone are the days (or at least they should be) when we throw the rookie into the suit. Putting an inexperienced person in a bite suit is not helping any K9 team get better. In fact, that’s how dogs and people get hurt. It is time to start choosing the right personnel for the job and ensuring they get the proper training to do the job correctly.

Complete Canine Training’s Decoy School will improve your decoy skills, if you are a seasoned vet or beginner you will learn from our course. After this course decoys will be able to start puppy bite work, build green dogs up, develop proper biting, teach targeting, problem-solve, and much more. Let your decoy be an asset, not a liability, to your K9 teams. The course will conclude in decoy certifications and include optional K9 team certifications for an additional cost.

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