Protection dogs provide peace of mind, security & exceptional companionship

We train dogs to protect you, your family, even your business in the event of a very unfortunate circumstance. Our protection dogs will give you peace of mind, if you are home or if you are out. Our personal protection dogs are trained with family and work in mind. We hand select every dog we bring into this program to ensure the dog is confident, stable, strong, and healthy in every way imaginable. Our dogs have all been through the most rigorous testing to include the temperament, environmental stability, workability, and health of the dog. This ensures that you have a well-rounded, stable and most importantly, dependable protection dog.

All of our protection dogs receive the highest level of basic obedience training with options available for advanced obedience. You can rest assured you will always have control over your dog in any situation. We spend countless hours training protection dogs to engage a variety of threats in a multitude of situations. This ensures that you and your personal protection dog are given everything you need to succeed in every situation possible.

No matter what add-ons you choose or not we will provide you with a highly trained personal protection dog for you in 3 to 6 months or less. Once you have made a decision on a protection dog and the non-refundable deposit has been paid we take some time to hand-select and train the dog to any specific needs that you may have. This ensures that you get a dog that meets all of your needs.

The Complete Canine – Personal Protection Dog

Basic Obedience

Walking On Leash

Intermediate Obedience

Sit Stay
Down Stay
Come on Command

House Manners

Table Manners
Door Manners
Loading In & Out of Car
Quiet Command

Trained Protection Skills

Defense of Handler
Alert on Command
Bite on Command
Release on Command

Home Invasions
Bite Targeting
Overcoming Obstacles

Protection Dog Training Add-Ons

Advanced Obedience

Off-Leash Obedience
eCollar Training
Down in Motion
Sit in Motion
Neutrality to Distractions

Advanced Protection Skills

Multiple Attackers
Muzzle Work
Room Clearing / Building Search
Bark & Hold

Premium Delivery Service

Domestic Customers Only
Hand-Delivery to Your Door
5-Day In-Home Protection Dog Integration Course
Personal Protection Dog Certification

Tracking Training

We will teach your dog to track human odor. Especially helpful if you have children who like adventures!

Nose Work

If you want to have fun with your dog we can teach them AKC or UKC nose work skills.

Basic Gear Package – Price Varies on Size of Dog

Harness, Leash, Collar, Tug

Ultimate Gear Package – Price Varies on Size of Dog

Harness, Leash, Collar, Tug, Crate, Grooming Supplies, Muzzle, First Aid Kit

Personal Protection Dog Training

We can also train a dog you bring to us as long as it passes our evaluation and meets our standards. Very few dogs are accepted into our program due to our high and strict standards.

If you already have a dog that you would like trained for personal protection the first step in the process is an evaluation. During this evaluation, we will test the dog’s temperament, environmental stability,  prey, and defense drives. After the evaluation is complete we will tell you the next steps, if any, and develop a training plan.

The cost of the evaluation is $250.00. All evaluations are held at our facility in Brighton. After the evaluation, your dog will be required to complete a 30-day board and train protection dog foundation program. The cost of this program is $10,250.00. A 50% deposit is required to schedule and the remaining 50% is due 20 days into the program.

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These are some things you need to know about protection dog training:

  • Not every dog is right for protection training.
  • Protection training will require a lot of time and effort from you outside of training classes.
  • We will wash your dog out of our program if it does not meet our standards.
  • We WILL NOT force a dog into protection training if we don’t believe they will succeed.
  • Protection training starts with obedience first.
  • Protection Dog Training a dog you bring to us will cost approximately $20,000 and will take roughly 1-2 years to complete.

Please contact us to talk more in-depth about our protection dog program by filling out the form on this page, or by calling Chris our CEO & training director, at 970-541-0786.