Graduate Group Classes are being held on the first Saturday of every month at 2:30pm.
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Our graduate group classes are great benefit that we offer to all of our program graduates FOR LIFE, FOR FREE! We do both obedience group classes and protection group classes! These classes are ideal for helping our clients polish up on obedience, socializing their dog, and teaching them how to interact with their environment better.

Why Don’t We Offer Group Dog Training Classes to Non-Graduates?

In the past we used to offer group dog training classes as a complete program for any of our customers. Through hours of classes we noticed one big problem. Group classes are not the best learning environment for dog or their owners. There are too many distractions and a bit too much chaos for the dogs and owners. We were also seeing our client’s and dogs coming to 10-15 group classes before their dogs were meeting our standards for training. While our one-on-one client’s were meeting our standards by 3 or 4 weeks.

So we scrapped the group classes and put our focus into what was working best for our client’s and their dogs which is one-on-one classes or our board & train program. Click the links below to learn more about our one-one-one dog training and our board & train programs.