Our group classes are great for each and every dog. We do both obedience group classes and protection group classes every week! These classes are ideal for polishing up on obedience, socializing your dog and teaching them how to interact with their environment. Our group class takes place every weekend just sign up below to get our weekly group class updates!

Why Should You Sign Up For Group Dog Training?

In group classes we focus on creating an environment in which all dogs will find success! In our group classes we have 3-4 trainers that spend time coaching and working with each individual owner and dog to work on problem behaviors, sharpening obedience, working through distractions, advancing skills, and problem solving.

In class we will cover dog learning theory, how to effectively communicate with your dog, drive manipulation, operant and classical conditioning, and by the end of class you and your dog will be a better, more cohesive team!