Chris Pelle, is the founder of Complete Canine Training What started out as group of friends dedicated to training real working dogs with proven techniques, turned into a dog club for protection and obedience work. Now we are Complete Canine Training, a dog training company taking the techniques and knowledge we have and sharing it with the public, to better the lives of owners and dogs alike.

Who We Are.

We are professional dog trainers who strive for excellence in everything we do. Anything and everything we do is done right with no exceptions. When we train dogs we are sure to use the best practices and our training is always refreshed with the best industry standards. We keep detailed records of all of our dog training so you know exactly what has been trained, how it was done, and how the dog has progressed over time.

Why We Do It.

We love dogs. We want to better the world of dogs and their owners. Educating not only dog owners but families and the general public on how to raise and train any type of dog, from playful puppy to loving companion. We want to provide the best dogs we can to those who want and need them. We want to change the industry in a positive manner, providing the absolute best for our clients and their dogs.

How We Train.

We train dogs based on what our evaluation of the dog tells us and our clients needs and goals. Protection dogs need a different training than your family dog will. Each dog is different and requires a different approach, and our goal is to make sure we use the best approach for each dog. We only train dogs with the most up to date techniques that will yield the best results for each dog.

Where We Train.

We train all over Northern Colorado. We are in the process of procuring a dedicated training facility, hopefully we will have one by mid-2018. We are based out of Brighton, CO for the majority of our dog training classes. But we can train dogs all over Northern Colorado from Denver to Fort Collins.

When We Started.

Kelevra K9 dog training, our original company name, came about in 2015. We re-branded ourselves to Complete Canine Training in January 2017. After years of private club training for protection dogs & obedience. We decided to take on the world and go public with our training. We’ve attended seminars and clinics, and have 1000’s of hours invested in learning the best techniques for training any and all dogs. We want to be sure to provide the absolute best to our clients and their dogs.